1-1 Private Yoga


I offer immersive sessions where people learn by doing, taking care to helping you build safe, sustainable yoga practices.

We honor the ancient wisdom and traditions of yoga while responding to our body’s needs, maintaining relevance to the modern-day lifestyle and stressors. We will focus on breath, repetition and mindfulness. I prepare each session based on mental, spiritual/emotional and physical outcomes, maintaining a comfortable, inviting atmosphere, leaving time for questions and conversation.

My Yoga Styles

Pranayama (breathing practices)

Other tools and styles: 
Self Myofascial Release
Therapeutics and Special Considerations



We’ll get to know each other and identify your primary desired outcome based on a series of questions, assessments and evaluations. This provides the foundation for building a sound movement plan that positively impacts health outcomes on many levels (physical, mental, emotional)

Step 1


As we work together, we take more information from medical providers, and in-the-moment discoveries, in order to fine-tune the client’s movement plan.

Step 2


Milestones are celebrated as you grow in your yoga practice or personal strength training journey. We discover your true potential as we remain  curious and enjoy the process.

Step 3

Pricing & Payment

New Client Special of 3 sessions for $195 (one time, new clients only). 
$90 per 55 minute session
5 sessions for $85 per session ($425)

Venmo or Zelle

Payment methods accepted are Venmo and Zelle (michelle@sagemovement.co)

Vagaro/Credit Card

Payment by credit card is also accepted and includes a 4% bank fee.

Custom written training plans, please contact me for pricing details and information.