Teacher Training and Mentorship


I offer training and mentorship for yoga studios and teachers. If your yoga studio is offering Yoga Teacher Training, I offer the anatomy training module. If you are currently a group yoga instructor and want to begin offering private sessions, I offer mentoring.

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Success Story

Michelle's ability to combine mindfulness and movement in a rewarding and empowered way is one of the many reasons I train with her monthly. She not only keeps things as simple as possible while getting maximum results, she's able to modify any exercise to accommodate my many injuries and limitations in real time as they come up. She listens, encourages and has this easy no bullsh*t attitude that I not only admire but keeps me coming back for more. If you're looking for real change with a workout that meshes into your daily life rather than disrupts it, honestly, look no further.


Marketing Manager, 40

I’ve been doing restorative yoga 1:1 with Michelle for the past year and I am in love with the practice she creates specifically for me. I tried many group yoga classes but they were never tailored to my needs. Michelle takes into account every aspect and every issue in the body and builds up a program to support me and my personal goals. During our sessions there is always an open dialog and co-creation going on. We start from where I am on a particular day and adjust based on how I am doing. I feel the practice is made to fit me, and not the other way around. In her teaching, Michelle is focusing a lot on deep connection with the body – I am much better now at doing proper form without looking in the mirror, which is very liberating.
Michelle is an awesome yoga teacher, very knowledgeable, kind, and supportive. She practices what she teaches, and that makes her a great role model too.
Every time I leave the room grateful, balanced, energized and more aware of the world around me.
Thank you, Michelle!

Polina M.

I have some limitations when it comes to fitness, Michelle has done a great job at finding options that feel good to me while still building strength. When I started training with Michelle I had lost some muscle due to lockdown. A year later I have gained back that strength and more!

Monica S