Am I ready to teach private yoga?

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It’s exciting to think about offering something new as a yoga teacher. I personally taught quite a bit of group classes before turning my attention to offering 1:1 sessions. It was exhilarating and it has become one of the hugest joys of my career.

As private yoga teachers we are in fact becoming a part of a historical ‘method’ or tradition of teaching yoga. This is an approach that tailors the practice to each student’s unique condition. And it’s RADICAL!

As a teacher of 1:1 yoga, we can now offer a highly individualized approach that tailors the practice to each student’s specific physical condition, emotional state, age, cultural background, and interests.

But how do you know if you’re ready to take the next step to offering a 1:1 session?

Below are a few considerations. And we will start with knowing when you’re NOT ready… 

You’re not ready to offer private yoga sessions if you’re considering it only because:

X  you’re just being asked to so you think you should

X  if you feel somehow obligated to do this

you think it’s just like teaching a group class, but for more money

You’re especially  not ready if you’re dreading it. And if that’s you, I suggest that you stick with teaching the way you enjoy and are most effective. And be happy there.

However if you really are desiring to offer private sessions, here’ are a few signs that you’re ready. 

You’re ready to offer 1:1 yoga private sessions if you have one or more of the following attributes:

  • you are a current group class yoga teacher that enjoys adapting the yoga practice to individuals
  • you offer something unique that is difficult to teach in a group class setting
  • you want to build your observation powers and present-moment skills (as an individual and as a teacher)
  • you enjoy researching for specific needs, and then practically applying your knowledge  
  • you work well with people and you know how to build rapport
  • you are comfortable with the balance of being in service AND being a leader for students
  • you can’t stop thinking about doing this work!

Are you a yoga teacher thinking about adding on to your teaching repertoire by offering private sessions?

Or maybe you’re a current private session teacher and want to energize this aspect of your teaching with some more ideas and tools?

I’d love to share what I have learned with you in my private session teaching practice.

Please reach out to me or add your email address to my teacher resources mailing list.

Let’s support each other in our quest to teach yoga meaningfully!

Sending love and good teaching moments,


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