the fundamentals of mindfulness: awareness and grounding in the simple now

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The theme for this week’s yoga fundamentals series is the ‘fundamentals of mindfulness: awareness and grounding in the simple now.’

Mindfulness helps us to connect to the NOW, especially when this means going deeply into what you already have – what is on the inside. I hope during this fundamentals series you feel at-home in your own body. 

The inner knowing comes by stillness, awareness and observation, and letting go of self-judgements . Becoming a witness to our inner thinker is a practical way to start. Our minds can go so in so many directions, especially when we’re practicing something like meditation or yoga asanas. This is ok! Simply start by observing the thoughts that arise. This can help us become less identified with our thoughts, labels, judgements, etc, and more in tune with what is actually happening.

breath awareness

Another terrific way to become intensely conscious of the present moment is breath awareness. Sometimes this means simply observing the sensations of the breath and all its attributes rather that just “focusing on the breath.” How does the breath feel inside your body? Notice the ribs rising, the breath rippling and the change in pressure in the chest and abdomen. Noticing sensations is a true anchor and helps us to get out of our minds.Eventually this can spill over into a lifetime practice of paying attention to our whole lives: thoughts, bodily sensations, speech and other actions.

Mindful Moment – 
Reflect on this quote & think about (or even write down!) what it could potentially mean for you: “Thoughts are the sensations of the mind, just as sensations are the thoughts of the body. Each moment of your life is a moment of potential practice.” -Dr. J. Lasater

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