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Originally posted on Instagram.com/CollabFitness Feb. 12, 2020

Knowing that we have the capacity to find balance and observing where we can grow allows for balance magic to start. We can experiment with our capacity to balance.⁠

Like an artist, we honestly try (over and over) to find the right color and texture of life in balance. And like a scientist, suspending judgements or preconceived ideas, to allow the results to speak for themselves. ⁠

ask yourself these self discovery questions ⁠

~What makes me alive? Why didn’t XYZ attempt work?⁠
~What happens if I shifted my hip a little more toward midline?⁠
~What would happen if I went to bed earlier? ⁠
~What if I apologized? ⁠
~What if I were unapologetic? ⁠
~What would happen if I truly notice this person rather than avoid eye contact? ⁠
~What if I finished that uncomfortable podcast that really has some deep truth for me?⁠

Embrace the experience of finding balance and let the thrill of pursuing it sustain you over time. ⁠

fail wonderfully, find the good work

Finally, and this is something that really is hilarious to me, it takes a lot of UNBALANCE to find balance. (*ahem, personal experience*)

~When you look around and notice the wake of chaos you currently leave behind you, the lack of evenness, peace, (maybe lots of worrying, facebook or a lack of dark, leafy-greens…) … well, it’s here the good work and journey begin. Unbalance is a great place to be starting from as you can only grow from there. The light shines the best in the darkest places.⁠

tips for balance yoga poses⁠, and life balance

Here are a few physical-balance cues you can use in your yoga practice, but again, can be translated mental, emotional and spiritual life-cues:⁠

*Keeping breath calm & steady can help a lot to stabilize mind & body. *Don’t be afraid to fall down; have fun! *Be curious ? *Smile, even if it’s just on the inside, at your own self.⁠

I hope this helps bring a little breath of fresh air of balance into your yoga practice + real life. ⁠

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