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Blog post originally from Instagram.com/CollabFitness, Feb. 10, 2020

I’ve been focused on balance the past week here in this corner of Instagramland. And if you know deep in your bones you need some balance (hello, me), not just physical physical but mental-emotional-spiritual balance, and it seems totally impossible, well how can we respond? ⁠

Response Option A: Avoid the change, “Um, thank you, no, bye.” Avoidance means doing what you’re doing to avoid any sort of move towards equilibrium. “We’ve always done it this way always – why change?” “We’ve put too much into this to change it now.” “Change is too hard/awkward/inconvenient.” “This is life… it’s inevitable.” ⁠

Response Option B: Say yes. Do something new & find that balance! ~ Find your inner creative & experiment to make small shifts. ~ Be honest w/ your own d*am self – know what we CAN have balance, and release what’s out of your influence. Be consistent..keep working, making tiny changes, repeat, repeat, until you’ve found some even flow (pearl jam, #notevensorry). ⁠

repeat the cycle or say yes to present-moment change⁠

Response A perpetuates the cycle, a future of more of the same. You’ll feel stuck for an eternity. Obv I recommend Response B. YES. Yes to change is present-moment in action. Honesty is self-and-life acceptance- taking the invitation to learn some more about ourselves and notice something new. Faith is required to remain persistent in your pursuit. ⁠

engage with the world and yourself

Find whitespace, engage more with the world, balance on your hands, be a bit more daring! ⁠

I know I continue to need it, work for it, strive for it. It’s my art that I’ll always work towards in my life. Doing this balance practice helps me stay relevant, not necessarily to my surrounding “culture,” but it keeps me relevant to my inner self, truth, Spirit, voice. It keeps me knowing I’m always surrounded by love and grace.⁠

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