Here’s Feel Good Friday: Fall Food Edition…

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As a yoga instructor, personal trainer, and wellness coach – I don’t stop at good, quality movement.

I’ve always loved cooking, and if you’ve seen the strong woman that I looked up to, it’s also nostalgic and therapeutic for me.

Looking for some yummy fall food recipes and the perfect playlist to listen to in the kitchen?

Here are four recipes I can’t live without in the fall. They are playing on repeat in my kitchen.

Olive Oil Pumpkin Bread by Ellie Krieger

Deconstructed Healthy apple pie by Kale Junkie

Vegetarian Tamales by CollabKitchen (that’s me & my husband’s old-school blog!)

Easy-Baked Spaghetti Squash by CollabKitchen – just add your favorite sauce after cooking!

Side benefit, they’re incredibly nutritious and really, really good.

What do you make in the fall?

fall recipe for deconstructed apple pie

Also on repeat in my kitchen is this Spotify favorite playlist. What’s your go-to cooking playlist? Do you change it up for the season?

Movement and wellness don’t stop with your yoga sessions and workouts. It starts with finding foods that make you feel good, and of course everything in moderation.

Ready to see how I put my good-movement philosophy to use? Sign up for a live-streamed or in person yoga class!

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