How to set up your dedicated yoga space at home to enhance your practice

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Yoga is an excellent way to nourish yourself and it can certainly be done at home. If this is you, I would like to suggest that the next time you set out to practice yoga at home, you take a moment to set up your space, one that supports you.

Setting up a dedicated yoga space at home to enhance your practice is essential.

If you’re practicing yoga at home, this means you’re practicing in a mixed-use space. Congratulations, your home has now taken on the role of “dedicated sacred space” to serve you.

Here are a few tips for doing this well:

Try to turn your personal practice spot into something that is meaningful and useful for you, a dedicated, sacred space.

Take a moment to transform a mixed-use space, but make it a quick turnover. You can do things like remove a bit of clutter, maybe light a candle, bring your tea, adjust the room temperature and even lighting.

Roll out your mat and have additional props easily accessible.

And for practical purposes, make sure the space is safe enough for you to move around in – you don’t want to knock a body part onto the sharp edge of a table, for example.

Kindly ask housemates to give you this time distraction-free. And if you’re not on-call, be sure to turn off notifications from electronic devices.

Be creative with your unique space! Often I enjoy practicing outdoors in my backyard – it is literally a forest preserve with lots of birds and critters (big and small). I have a small fire pit outside too, so I will light a fire in the early morning, roll out my mat and practice next to it, enjoying both nature and the warmth.

Maybe you have something unique to your home that could enhance your sacred space too – – a skyline or ocean view (we’re jealous), an entire room, lots of family to join you, scented oils, a piece of inspiring art – weave this into your sacred space.

And enjoy the unique adventure of practicing yoga at home!

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