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The older I’ve gotten, the less I visit stores. Maybe I’m a product of 21st conveniences, or maybe I can’t be bothered – who knows? Recently my daughter and I were escaping the heat and decided to visit the mall and try on clothes. I mean… WHO DOES THIS? (I guess it’s me!) I saw a pair of cute pants (cute on the rack) and a striped top to try on. And when I did… I saw a sailor and had to capture the moment.

The dressing room used to be a place of horrors for me (on so many levels & for so many reasons) but now I find it to be so fun and silly. I can play even there! And now, this room of former-horrors-turned-to-graceful-playland is a space to take some selfies.

Have you had a space that was once clouded in horror for you, but has turned into a playful experience after some healing? Maybe it’s old mindsets you’ve transformed, or you even have bravely set out to heal from trauma. Mindful, spiritual practices, reaching out to a safe group of people, taking time to care deeply (for ourselves and the world around us), playing…. all can contribute to our finding light in a dark place. Perhaps old spaces (in the mind and in the world) can transform for us as we continue to think deeply, embrace love, pursue peace and so on.

I walked away with the striped black top on that trip. (It’s baby steps for me as I have a closet full of yoga pants.) But I had fun and the shadow wasn’t there as it had been on so many occasions.

How long have you been taking selfies in a dressing room for? Me? About a week. 🙂 

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