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As a yoga teacher who offers a lot of private yoga sessions, I have found that one of the highest honors is to adapt what I teach to my student’s needs so that access is immediate for them. This is part of a “student-centered” private yoga session approach. It means that I acknowledge my student’s uniqueness and their ever-changing, dynamic aspects. 

Let’s look at these two important ideas so that you can build a more student-centered private yoga session.

#1 See your student

Your private yoga students are each a dynamic and unique individual. Each student’s mind is different, as is their background, body, wants and needs. This is their unique individuality. As a teacher, this is the beginning of where I listen, observe, and learn. 

The result is that my students begin their yogic path of self-study (aka Svadhyaya, according to Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras) discovering even more about themselves. They are becoming more of an expert in their unique self. We get to facilitate this.

#2 Today influences your student

Each student is not the same person today as they were yesterday, last week or even last year. This is the essence of living – our lives are ever-changing, always evolving. Acknowledging the context of our “today” is critical for the empowerment of my students. Factors like energy levels, tissues becoming stronger and more resilient, headache, their child having a cold, changes in work, a global pandemic, the weather, celebrations – and so much more! – are influential factors for a private yoga session.

Student centered private yoga means you adapt yoga to the person in this moment.

As private yoga teachers, we create an atmosphere where each student finds their own way to yoga.

We build an environment where their individuality is seen and take the time to acknowledge the newness of today, for them specifically. 

I don’t need to know all of their current circumstances, but if they are comfortable disclosing their situation, or you sense a shift in their demeanor for today, you can adapt and respond appropriately. 

The practice of sensitization is a pathway for teachers to honor their students and each individual’s yoga practice for today.

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