the invitation of balance

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Originally posted on Feb. 5, 2020

Balance…equanimity..steadiness things you can hear a lot in a yoga class. But outside the “classroom lab” we have to experience evenness in all matters of chaos and peace. Nitty gritty life, the ups and downs, the joy/pain – all are so hyper-NOW. We can loose focus of what’s important, focus unraveling and thoughts are all over the place, tossed around, swinging emotionally to the highs and lows, up and down we go. ⁠

the gaze is important

I like the invitation of balance because it’s calling us in to a bit more evenness and calm, just by finding a steady gaze. Where are you looking externally? Internally? A focal point for the gaze supported by a smooth-steady breath helps to calm the brain down and opens up our awareness of what to do RIGHT NOW. Because balance wants to include us this very minute. It’s ready to downplay the habitual strengths we lean on, and wants to build up the weak spots. Fun? Terrifying? You decide. :)⁠

move (or be still) with a sense of discovery⁠

When we attempt a “big something” for the first time (or 100th time), like with an arm balance or a life balance shift, it’s a bit scary – we could face-plant or look insane – but maybe we also find the thrill of the sensation of leaning onto our hands or our heart to support ourselves for the first time. We discover sensitivities and capacities we may have not otherwise known. Set the gaze, steady the breath… becoming a little more ourselves.⁠

crow pose tips

Bakasana tips: Hands a bit forward and wider than you think; Eye gaze ahead of you on the floor; If you’re female I encourage you to lift your hips up a bit higher than your shoulders upon entry; Notice the connection between inner thighs&arms; Draw in & lift up (retract navel center, inner thighs, etc); take your version of flight & have a blanket in front of you in case you faceplant. 🙂 I promise it won’t be that bad.⁠

What are some of your life-in-balance pro tips you’ve got??! Share with me!⁠

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