When should I start yoga?

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The short answer? Right now! Read on for how.

One of the best parts of yoga is that you can immediately access a meaningful practice.

Yoga is very specific to who you are in the here and now. There are no prerequisites. No beginning when life settles down, are older, or when you’re more flexible. 

Yoga doesn’t need you to: 

~ take expensive retreats

~ have an extensive knowledge of philosophy

~ touch your forehead to your knees

~ have the “right” clothes or mat 

It’s here for you right now – and it’s a “walk right in, the door is wide-open” invitation for all of us to transform.

It may feel intimidating to begin, but think of yoga as a really good friend who gets YOU, your experiences, you feelings, your desires. 

And this friend is brilliant. It can handle your  energy, fatigue, restlessness, or desire to just be steady. Yoga can scale up or down each and every day for you, in all seasons.

So if you have been thinking about starting (or restarting) yoga, why not begin today, right now?

Try this 2 minute “pause” practice

Start by closing yours eyes and feeling your breath for a minute.

Then ask yourself, “How do I feel, right now?”

Take another minute to observe how your body and breath feel, noticing the experience of how it feels to be you in your body.

After that minute, open your eyes with a sense of what it feels like to be you, right now.

Take care and I hope to see you at my next class or 1:1 session very soon!

Sending love,


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