the future of fitness is changing!

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The below post is originally from my June 10, 2020 newsletter

Hello friends!

My name is Michelle Spore and I am a small business owner, fitness instructor, personal trainer and yoga teacher here in Redmond. We may have met at a local gym or in some other fitness/yoga related way, and this is why I am reaching out to you.

Yes fitness, yoga, all of it has moved online. And if there is any in-person “group fitness” taking place, it is now in a very limited fashion. What are we to do? CELEBRATE!

The future of fitness is changing and I’m so excited for what is happening!

I have truly wanted to connect with people in meaningful ways through exercise, yoga, nutrition, and overall wellness. And I believe this is the perfect opportunity to connect with you! I provide both leadership and space for you to grow in your health journey. And, we have a lot of FUN!

online and in person fitness options for you, this summer!

One on one personal training & yoga sessions – in-person or on zoom!
Weekly group online yoga classes (zoom)
In person bootcamps (outdoors, this summer in Redmond, TBA)
Active aging programs (in-person & online streaming!)
Online group coaching (I lead an active, fun group that’s free to join!)

And a whole lot more.

Would you like to progress in your health and fitness goals with me? You can be anywhere in the world to do so.

As you can see, I offer everything from yoga (even free YouTube classes), to bootcamps, online yoga classes, personal training, online virtual group training, even nutrition support for all kinds of budgets!

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I’m here to support you. Let’s do fitness and wellness together, in a sustainable, fun way. 

For more, please contact me!

Joy & wellness for ALL,

Michelle Spore

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