Things change, things stay the same – which is it?

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Before diving into change, the subject of this blog post, I want to invite you to try out my Mindful Movement yoga classes over on YouTube. I just finished up 2 amazing series in October and November. The first is called “Care for your Core” a series of 3 yoga classes, and the other is entitled “Trust & Supporting the Upper Back & Chest” 2 awesome classes to support your well being – that includes trusting yourself and the beauty of life! 

Consider these practices a “love letter” for your body, mind heart & spirit that you’re giving to yourself!

And in December…my yoga classes will be exploring the ideas of both change and staying the same [ read below for more ]. I aim to keep my classes approachable, meaningful and of course, fun too. I hope you’ll join me in the replays – I’ll post classes on YouTube when done.

And without further ado, here are a few thoughts on change. 🙂

Change is always certain, until it’s not. And then suddenly, it is again.

OK here are a few thoughts on change as we are heading into December.

I’ve been listening to quite a bit of podcasts recently (oh, you too?) and one of the most hilarious insights hit me when I was driving around the other day. 

One podcast was describing in great length how the world is constantly changing and evolving, and it was helping me be a part of this change (YAY). 

The next was describing how things never seem to change – people in particular (sigh…). But also how we can let this be a source of strength, this unchanging force inside us (also YAY).

I laughed out loud in the car because, you know what, they’re both right. The world is always changing. The world is always staying the same. (Is your inner 7 year old perplexed? Give them a hug and let them know it’ll be ok!)

I’ve been considering “change” quite a bit recently. To be honest, I’m in the business of offering change to people. I teach yoga in its many forms. I also offer strength training, personal fitness training… you know… exercise! In these movement-based trenches, I see first-hand how change can be so exhilarating. It can also be so scary. There are also certain aspects of my students and clients that will never change which I celebrate. This unchanging quality can be a source of great strength. But sometimes it can also be a huge detrimental blindspot. No bueno.

Obviously I’m talking more than just yoga and exercise here. I’m talking about our lives and our world.

Staying open and permeable just like a cell in our body is good for our health, growth and taking out the personal “trash” so to speak. Our souls crave and love it when we see things in a new light, let that light in, and then act on it.

Our souls also crave expressing just who we truly are and connecting to unshakeable truths. And who we are and the truth, when you look at their basic elements, are unchanging, unyielding, undeniable.

Flexibility and a commitment to real change means staying open to life and…

– Opening to the possibility that a little moment of new ideas, trust, growth, healing, [insert new thing] can happen for us at any moment, any time, any season.

– Staying open to life, releasing into life, this is how we enter into… LIFE! (See: flowers that bloom in spring.)

– We have the potential for tremendous, positive change, we have value and purpose that moves us toward this change.

– Releasing into life-changes helps us accept the abundance of life.

– Accountability and community is one of the fastest ways to create change inside us and in this world = we desperately need each other.

– Change can be so juicy and shows us just how much range we actually have!

– Showing up and saying yes.

On the other hand, being resolute and unyielding means having a really deep sense of …

-Your foundation, who you are, what you believe in. This so important as our foundation becomes our launch pad for great adventure, good work…and our foundation is also our landing pad, what we know we can land on when we loose our way. 

(**This is why I believe adolescence and early adulthood are such a critical developmental stage… and if yours was less than you’d hoped, guess what? You can still build a strong foundation!! Change can happen.)

– The work of self-study; it never ends. It’s what gives us deep roots into what we truly believe in, expanding our roots.

– Knowing you’re held and grounded in many ways (gravity, love, beliefs, joy, friendships, hardships, etc).

– The world needs to see what you see. Don’t change how you see the world, it’s yours to share.

– Our boundaries are necessary and life-giving. Keep out what needs to be kept out. Don’t apologize for this. 

Knowing. Being. Growing. Remaining. It’s all fodder for a soulful, adventureous life.

I believe the true art and science of life is always constantly experimenting, trying, and checking in to make sure that what needs to change does, and celebrating the things that don’t change inside of us too. We can then launch out into the “unknown” yet somehow we knew this essence of change all along inside of us. We can launch our own rockets of life knowing we land on a sure foundation.

As we enter the winter months soon, and we all begin to hibernate a bit, let’s both refine and reflect. How can you see things in your life or in the world differently? What is a small act that you can do to support this new way of seeing? And… how can you celebrate the nonnegotiables in your life?! Perhaps remembering why these unchanging things that are inside you are there after all! 

Take a Mindful Moment in Nature

A short practice to do this week:

The next time you head out into nature, take a look at the change that is taking place. What season are you in? How is this season impacting the temperature, the plants, trees, animals, the farmers, how is this change in season affecting you? 

Next, remember what you used to love about the outdoors as a child that you still love to this day. Perhaps it was and still is sunsets or sunrises. The wind on your face. The gentle falling of snow. Perhaps it’s your favorite time of year that brings you a sense of ease and pleasure. What remains the same about nature for you?

Then, hold these changing and unchanging qualities of nature in your mind and in your heart – having a sense of both the ability to change and not change inside of you. What does this feel like in your body? In your breath?

Ponder the qualities of moving rivers and firm mountains, floating on the wind yet remaining rooted, withering yet evergreen. How can you hold this today, in this very moment, in your life?

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